Pixel Palace: AiR

"Working with Northern Stars meant that we got to work with a group of young people who natively understand the impact film has on a range of platforms (web, phone, tablet, tv, computer screen etc). "
Dominic Smith Pixel Palace

The Brief 

To create individual film profiles of the three artists in the Pixel Palace Artists In Residence programme and produce one additional film that would look at the programme as a whole. The profile films would be used to promote the residency online and needed to be 'transportable' across all social media. 

Our Approach

We believe that in order to communicate an idea effectively it's often best to take a very simple approach. So, for the three profiles we decided to let the artists and their work do all the talking. 

We shot interviews and a small amount of footage of the artists at work in the cinema, and used excerpts of their previous work to create a series of simple, striking, and informative films that showcase the three artists and their work in a respectful way. 

For the final film, we followed the artists over the course of a month to capture key moments in the residency - including public screenings and presentations - and combined these with interviews with the artists and vox pops from the public to create the final film.

In order for the films to be accessible on the web - and beyond - we chose to keep the running times of each to a minimum, with the longest one coming in at 4 minutes and the shortest at just under two minutes. 

The Result

Dominic Smith, manager of the Pixel Palace programme comments: 'Northern Stars were extremely focussed and professional when on site, they listened to what we needed and made meaningful contributions to the overall concept leading to an excellent series of short films that make us look great.'

Related Work

With only a week to go to Christmas, we decided to abandon the shopping and make a film to send to our friends. 

We love a challenge at Northern Stars, so when Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums Service asked if we could make a film in less than three weeks to promote a project for the Cultural Olympiad we said: 'Yes!'