We create tomorrow's talent

Still from NSA 2011 film, 'Battered'


A few years ago, a Big Organisation from London asked the Northern Stars Young Filmmakers Academy at the Tyneside Cinema to make a film for them in the North East of England. The Big Organisation gave £10,000 to a seventeen-year old producer who had only made one film and then The Big Organisation got back on the train to London, possibly a little nervous. 

Three months later, after all the money had been spent, the Big Organisation returned to see their film screened in front of an invited audience of Big Wigs and were so impressed they decided on the spot to give the producer £22,000 to make another film. And that film, which took the producer and her young crew the length and breadth of Britain, signalled the start of a new adventure for everyone at Northern Stars. It was then we decided that the future lay not only in training young people to make films for themselves but also in the making of real work for real money for real clients with real needs.

And so, Northern Stars Production was born.


Northern Stars is a project of Tyneside Cinema that seeks to develop young filmmaking talent in the North East of England. Inspired by Emmy-Winning filmmaker Patrick Collerton, Northern Stars comprises an award-winning annual training academy for 15-18 year olds which provides talented young people with the opportunity to learn from industry professionals, and now a new production arm which exists to extend the training and development opportunities for its Academy graduates.

Northern Stars is led by BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Ian Fenton, who has sixteen years experience of the television, film and interactive industries, and is supported by a steering group made up of successful professionals from across the film, business, and cultural sectors who are passionate about creating exciting opportunities for young people in the North East.